A Good Cos

About a year ago I discovered COS (a collection of style) while shopping in London. I loved the line's effortless and contemporary design and bought myself a few key pieces – the perfect dress and the perfect shirt in a lovely muted mauve and navy. While dodging glamazon drag queens on Rue des Rosiers (it was Pride after all), I managed to stumble upon COS in Paris. Brilliant! The Spring/Summer line has some beautifully clean pieces for both men and woman. I am in love with the season's mint green palette. It reminds me of creamy pistachio ice cream. Honestly, it's a good thing COS is overseas or I might need a second job!

They also produce a lovely magazine in the same vain as Acne Paper, but on a smaller scale. Simple fashion editorials and interviews with Jordan Askill and Katie Grand round out the oversized magazine. You can check out a few pages online. Luckily they provide the magazine as a downloadable PDF so you don't have to jump on the next Air France flight to have a peak.