Family Album

How does one sort through 1068 photos? Over a glass of Moët + Chandon of course. I'm back from France full of baguette and cheese with a healthy dose of jet leg. Mind you, waking up at 6 am has afforded me the time to make a few photo selections for le blog. Could post at least 900 more, but lets not bore you with too many family portraits!

I could sum up the trip with a 3 words: pastries, tonsillitis and cathedrals. Every morning began with a gastronomic heart attack (pain au chocolate, expresso, baguette, fresh jams and cheese) followed by an equally intense lunch. Since Lorraine was built on the pillars of cream and pork, we were in culinary heaven. Unfortunately I somehow ended up getting a nasty dose of tonsillitis, but dang, the meds in France work wonders. Yeah for health care!

Paris was divine. No Karl or Carine sightings but we did take in some impressive views of the city at secret rooftop locations. Thanks to Myrabelle and David for their recommendations (yes, café La Perle is a sweet spot and even better than Social). And if anyone is craving a good brunch then you must hit up the bistro Le Loir Dans La Theiere in the heart of the gay village. Holy smokes! So delicious. Try the cakes. I'm still dreaming about them. Oh and dude! It was a giant sale across France = shopping till dropping. It had to be the best time to visit the country. Hells yeah!

Captions: On a rooftop with my broken sunglasses, the view from Tour Montparnasse, Alsace, baeckeoffe stew, Adrian and I at the Tower, the parents, in the country of Champagne, statue, church candles and medication, Adrian and I in Metz, Moët, grandma Baba, wild flowers, the family.


daviel said...

Amazing, amazing, amazing. Your photos are gorgeous. I can't wait to see more.

We should come up with a proposal for Purple or something. You bring the photos, and I'll provide the words. We would rock it, baby.

Arjun said...

My, what pretty photos you take, sister.

Matt Forsythe said...

Great photos! Post more.

Anonymous said...

Wow e wow wow. Nice pics Reanna!! France looks like a great vacation spot. Please give me more....Mary

Reanna said...

Thanks guys! I might just post a bunch more when I have the time.

Daviel... Purple here we come ;)

Erika said...

oh oma!

Emily said...

la belle ville + la belle reanna!


laura said...

pretty photos! jealous of your trip!!

Denise @ Swelle said...

Such gorgeous photos, love your style. Glad you had a fantastic time, as if there could be any other outcome!