AJ Awesome

A few years ago I picked up a cool book titled Illustration Play. It's an oldie but a goodie and it's where I first discovered AJ Fosik. The second time I came across his work was at a tiny gallery in New York next to an awesome seedy bar called Lit. I was dancing up a storm when I saw a freaky mask AJ styles staring back at me. I swear it growled, but it also could have been the vodka talking. I think AJ's work is amazing and inspiring. Check out this video for more AJ good times.

PS Fecal Face has a fun interview worth checking out.
PPS Thanks to Pam for passing on the cool video link.


Sarah said...

Sure, blame it on the vodka! I really like AJ's work too. Great video.

Adhawk said...

So inspiring and sick. It's like a craft paper hunting lodge. It's so on point with what I've been interested in Illustration-wise.

Reanna said...

Yeah, I've had a artist crush on AJ for a while now. I really think his work takes it to another level.