Jiggery Pokery

The duo Jiggery Pokery look like they have the most fun at work. Can't say I'm not jealous. If I ever needed someone to create a life sized illustration of me, I would so hire these girls. It's like a sugar high colliding with imagination. Zamo!

Creating amazing set designs and larger-than-life illustration, the Jiggery ladies have made some outstanding, innovative creations. Wow. Just check out their insane Football installation created for Nike (middle right). I always feel inspired when I visit their blog and portfolio site. I also appreciate their kooky name and it somehow reminds me of that green plush character Polkaroo from Polka Dot Door. Feel inspired for a Tuesday.


Mary said...

Great set design.

Anonymous said...

awe. some.
p.s. Polkaroo!!!

Adhawk said...