Basket Weaving 101

It's not often that you think of woven leather shoes as sexy. Go ahead and do a google search and you're guaranteed to find a plethora of orthopedic clogs rather than drool worthy heels. Back in the day, I seem to remember my uncle having some Miami Vice slip-ons with an intricate weave. I thought they were pretty darn cool, but it was 1987 (the same year I also thought my hot pink spandex pants were the shit). Funny enough I have come across on some rather sweet shoes of the woven variety. Could be a trend, could be my imagination but I do like these 6 stylish finds. With the summer warming up, a little ventilation is where it's at. Make it a weave, baby.

1. Pink lace-up from Top Shop 2. Tan heals from Anthropology 3. Black heals by Kaylee Tankus 4. Neon green and tan oxfords by Jeffrey Campbell 5. Black sandal with multi-colored strap by Maud 6. Black leather boot by Deena & Ozzy


Sarah said...

these are all nice. they match your blog (all beautiful).

Reanna said...

thanks sarah. got to say my favorite one are the jeffery capmbell's with the neon detail. Sweeettaa-tataa!