Beach Boys

Is it just me or can I hear the theme song from Jaws? Da-na da-na da-na... Check out these awesome photos of Sydney's North Bondi Beach. Soon, this will be me. Jealous? Ya you are. Could these photos be Australia's answer to Eamon Mac Mahon's northern arial photography? Perhaps. They also remind me of Carlo Van de Roer's incredible Bondi Bath photos. Seems to me Sydney's beaches make a good muse.

All images via here.


Mary said...

Is that you Reanna in the second photo? The tenth person beside the woman in the yellow bikini ? Yes it is you isn't it! I'm jealous in a good way. Have a great trip.


Reanna said...

Oh yeah that will be me in a few days! I can't wait. Finally!

Adhawk said...

These are raaaaaaaaad

Denise @ Swelle said...

I'm green with envy! Those photos are gorgeous, I want to look at that every day. Even better, I'd like be there!

Enjoy Babe! xx