Alpha Dogs

I am officially infatuated with siblings Alex and Georgie Cleary of Alpha60. Mostly because I want to wear their giant iconic face T-shirts all day long. Yeah, everyone is doing it. But somehow the Melbourne version is far cooler. Whether it's a young River Phoenix, a screaming Drew Barrymore or a bug eyed Jean-Luc Godard it just works. I recently picked up a kooky tee of the scandalous Marchesa Luisa Casati. Ah yes, I love the Euro eccentrics. I'll wear it proudly.

The line may it's roots in T-shirt design, but their minimal stores are also filled with simple, oversized androgynous clothing – very Tilda Swinton chic. So what's new? Word on the street Team Brother and Sister just created a pretty radical t-shirt for the Australian Ballet depicting a dapper business man in a tutu. Sweet. I love these behind the scenes photos of the duo making magic happen in their Fitzroy studio. Creativity is everywhere. Yeah for Melbourne!