White Trash

I have a confession to make. Often at the end of the day I get really lazy and throw my clothes on the floor. Yes there is a big ol' messy pile of dirty clothes in my bedroom at all times. But now I can safely say it's fashionable to wear trashy dirty clothes. We can all let out a collective sign of relief. Ahhh.... Thank you Aurel Schmidt for creating these amazing T-shirts. Now I can wear cigarette butts and half eaten donuts with pride. Remember those awesome tuxedo and the bikini body T-shrits you can pick up at any tacky souvenir shop? I'd say these are the updated version except you won't find them anywhere except the ever chic Opening Ceremony.


Denise @ Swelle said...

These are neat-o! Is it gross that the half-eaten donut is appealing to me? Yum yum trash! Like George Costanza with the eclair he picked out of the garbage.

Happy Easter! (If you celebrate that. If not, happy Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!)

Reanna said...

I know right? But I would totally wear the half eaten donut. Aurel is super talented (and from my home town).

Happy Easter darling.

Mary said...

Reanna , do they have a Tee shirt with a six pack like the "Situation" for my hubby? That would be so cute.


Reanna said...

You're hilarious!

I'll see if I can score you a Situation Ab T-shirt in Sydney. I am sure they sell them there.