Country Gentlemen

Later skaters. Puppy pug Mick, Adrian and I are off to spend a week in the woods – no phone, no computer, no people (only marshmallows and insect repellant). Which means Reanna Time will be on a wee little break until our return. Slowly unplugging... very slowly. Ciao bellas! xo

+ Photo of the family by super star Chloe Dulude


Pen Pencil Stencil

Pen Pencil Stencil is designer Mark Giglio's cute little design studio based in Southern California. I love his wood cutouts especially the Pencil Pirate. YAR! I recently spotted the designer's fantabulous wallpaper on Apartment Therapy. It has a hint of Geoff McFetridge that totally reminds me of a cover illustration he created for my magazine a few years ago. Plus, you can buy Mark's wallpaper at Branch Home if you can't get enough pencil motifs and want to be inspired to draw, draw, draw.

PS Check out the studio's store where you can buy more fun with pencil prints and T-shirts.


Mario Hugo

I'd like to be Mario Hugo's hand model. Maybe if he saw my glorious piano fingers I could be his muse. For now, lets all admire his beautiful illustrations. Ohhhhh Ahhhh. Perhaps you recognize his work from clients like Beck, Flaunt Magazine, Kylie Minogue and Converse. That's one hell of a client list. His work is a lovely mix of graphics and pencil sketches. They are like MC Escher and Pink Floyd's love child. Trippy.


It's Ok

I feel like buying a hundred of these "It's Ok" wood cuts from Multi Polar Projects. Then I would place them all over my office, bedroom and even inside my bike basket to remind me life is good. These little guys were originally created by artists Sighn and Chris Kerr for a cool Argentine magazine called Atypica. Fun times. But the best part is they come with their own little bed to sleep on since clearly everything is better in bed. Right? Breakfast in bed, reading in bed... My favorite being the heart shaped honeymoon mattress – of course.


Caesar Pony Lives

Hey peeps. Guess what? Emily B and I have new Caesar Pony vintage goods rolling in just in time for back to school. Check out these two new rose skirts and sexy black slip dress. Hello. We wish we could keep them in our closet, but we know they'll make someone hot for teacher. Zing!
We were delighted to see Caesar Pony featured on the amazing blog, unruly things last week. Obviously Alyson has impeccable taste (wink). Thanks for the shout out m'lady. xo

Special thanks to Vans for braving the latex horse head in 30˚C weather



Ladies, I think it is time to channel your inner Liberace, no wait make that Elton John. Um, maybe summon the Liza Minnelli deep inside. You'll need it. That and some jazz hands to go with all the sequins coming our way. I was just doing a little window shopping on the weekend when I was blinded by all the bling. So does this mean I can wear something sparkly without it being new year's eve? Apparently.

1. Bomber jacket by Sophie Hulme 2. Bag harness by Sophie Hulme 3. Black vest by Maurie and Eve 4. Sequin trimmed jumper 5. Boyfriend blazer from Top Shop 6. Cropped jacket by Intermix 7. Ksubi tank dress at Oak 8. Striped tank top


Breakfast Club

I'm a slacker. It's official. As you know, the weekends always start with a healthy homemade breakfast of champions. We try a new recipe, eat it and then sit on the couch in post-egg bliss (usually with a little NYTimes action afterwards). The last month has been more about eating a slice of toast and heading to the dog park than making our usual masterpieces. Not to fret, I have a few choice Breakfast club selects to whet your appetite.

Try this mmm good omelette. Tried and tested.
  • 5 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh tarragon
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) butter
  • 1 1/4 cups crumbled soft fresh goat cheese
  • 3/4 chopped mushroom (try something fun like morel)
  • Small handful of cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
  • --
Tip: Fry up the mushroom first so they are tastier
Breakfast Club: wild blueberry pancakes with blackberry and apricot compote, cheesy scrabbled eggs with thyme and cracked black pepper, Fairmount blueberry bagel with organic cherries and Reanna's most delicious omelette.


Galaxy 500

This is a good photo for a friday, hey? I wish I could do that. Have a fantastic weekend, peeps! xo

Photo by Nequest via Flickr



Oh man. It's so hot outside I can barely type. Or think for that matter. So I'll keep it simple today. Enjoy a little cute overload from Apak Studio. So sweet I have a tooth ache.


Anders Linden

I'm in love. It's official. I hear birds singing and I feel like skipping because I adore this photographer's work. So simple and cinematic. So swedish.

Anders Linden's work is filled with an incredible muted colour palette and mood. They make me wish I could jump in and hide out in his photos for the day. Wouldn't that be dreamy?


Get Your Keds On

I remember my first pair of Keds. I got them immediately after watching Dirty Dancing – navy blue, white stitching, classic. Suddenly I was Jennifer Grey balancing on a log while listening to Mickey & Sylvia.

We already know my love for Opening Ceremony but wait, it's about to get more intense because they've collaborated with Keds to make some seriously cute Americana inspired sneakers. Chambray, radical bandana and stone washed denim prints? Could it be true? It is. Believe. No one puts Baby in a corner.


Postal Service

It's been a long time since I've written a letter. I should spend a few hours this weekend and write a note or two to my friends living in London, Vancouver, New York... you know who you are! Recently I was invited to try a little postcard experiment amongst fellow bloggers. Well anyone can do it. Check out the lovely Dream Sequins where "Postcards From My Hometown" is taking place. It's a trip back to the pen pal days. Send a card, receive a card.

I'm going to have to hit up the flea market and see about finding some sweet vintage cards like these ones. Aren't they just hilarious? You have to have a look at Popcards for some seriously out of control vintage finds. See if you can spot the crazy Eastern Euro spa postcards. Wowza!


I'm in a Dace

Holy horse power! How cute is Dace's fall 2009 line? I love the dramatic secretary blouse and hot equestrian pant combo. Dang. Being a Vancouver girl at heart, I have to support the west coast and give Dace a shout out. I might have a little soft spot for horse imagery since it brings me back to the days I used to ride. Yup, me and a horse. Hard to imagine but those were in the "aristocratic" years when the family had high hopes of me finding a wealthy suitor. Long story. Regardless, have a look at the full collection and let me know what you think. Cute, right?


Portrait of a Lady

I think this is the best photo of Molly Ringwald EVER. Since Pretty in Pink is one of my top 10 movies of all time along with Sixteen Candles and the Breakfast Club I just had to share it. I think we need more fashion editorials in the name of Molly (with amazing matching floral wallpaper and kimonos please). Don't you agree?

+ photo via comsic dust


Three for the Road

Just the other day my friend Vicki made an excellent observation. She said, "You know, August is just a month long Sunday" and I have to agree. August brings that old back to school anxiety and I can't shake it. Yet it's been eons since I graduated. For some reason Carly Simon's Anticipation on repeat in my head. Go figure. For all those who are heading back to school, I've got some sweet book bags I think you'll like.

These are some snazzy popsicle bright satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company. Maybe a backpack isn't your thing and you'd rather paint your nails to match your handsome leather bag. Then this, darling, is your back to school treat. Guess what? I heart these.

Perhaps you're the kind of gal who had a JanSport in high school and now you love to own things you can't pronounce. Then may I suggest the Swedish Fjällräven Kanken. They are very Euro cool and simple. You can pick one up at Creature of Comfort.

You have kids and you want them to look so crazy cute it hurts. And since your mom dressed you in head-to-toe velour (much like mine), you feel the need to express your child's inner cool. Then check out the adorable French designer By Virgo.