Computer love

So I'm thinking the best way to ease into the week is with a little internet procrastination. That or hitting up the Orange Julep for some frothy juice goodness. So let's indulge in five great sites I found over the weekend then head to the Julep. Who's in?
1. Check Melanie's (you are my fave) new Tumblr site P is for Party. Yes, it is a party for your eyes.

2. It's a ginger explosion on Design*Sponge. Try some recipes by Lara Ferroni now that it is summer.

3. Feel like dancing? I do. Shake a tail feather to Red Rash podcasts.

4. When you need a little design inspiration have a boo at some great typo/graphic posters.

5. Spend some time with Windy Days. A visually stunning collection of web treats.

+ photo of the Julep by Montreal's Jaime LeBlanc (another link to check out too. Bonus!).


Adhawk said...

ooo ya we gotta hit up the Julep for some serious poutine action!

nookie said...

thanks for sharing!

Reanna said...

Adhawk, what are you doing this weekend? A little Julep action?