I Love You, Man

There is a lot of love to go around these days. With Condé Nast's Love launched this year and now the Berlin fashion magazine I Love You out on the scene, it's a full on glossy romance. And I couldn't be happier. I've been waiting patiently for I Love You to make it's way to Canada. No such luck. So until it finds its way West, here are a few photos for you to drool over.

The deal is I Love You is a printed blog. Or so they say. The magazine apparently follows a blog structure – a melange of random topics mixed with super sexy fashion editorials. And oh those lips! Wowza. Can we make out already? The publication is the creative work of art director Christiane Börder and photographer Marcus Gaab. Coincidentally, about a year ago I wanted to commission Marcus for a travel story in Munich. I didn't get a chance to work with him then, but I am a big fan of this photography, especially those published in 032c. Have a peek then pass the Binaca.


Polished Sense said...

Lovely post. I'm am the biggest magazine junkie. How many do you subscribe to?


Reanna said...

I'm a lucky girl. Our offices have a zillion subscriptions so I can get my fix there. It's a sweet deal. But all my favorites are listed on the side of my blog. Doesn't I love you, look cool?

Sarah said...

I've got Justin Timberlake's Like I Love you in my head now. Nice magazine!