Ladies, I think it is time to channel your inner Liberace, no wait make that Elton John. Um, maybe summon the Liza Minnelli deep inside. You'll need it. That and some jazz hands to go with all the sequins coming our way. I was just doing a little window shopping on the weekend when I was blinded by all the bling. So does this mean I can wear something sparkly without it being new year's eve? Apparently.

1. Bomber jacket by Sophie Hulme 2. Bag harness by Sophie Hulme 3. Black vest by Maurie and Eve 4. Sequin trimmed jumper 5. Boyfriend blazer from Top Shop 6. Cropped jacket by Intermix 7. Ksubi tank dress at Oak 8. Striped tank top


Anonymous said...

Shinny! I like it! Bring back the 80's.

Sarah said...

Shinny happy people!

Anonymous said...

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