I'm in the band

I'm such a media whore. There I was, "looking" at the latest Spring/Summer 2010 Collection from Band of Outsiders when all I could pay attention to was Jason Schwartzman's silky, glorious head of hair. Well he often sports their menswear and also appeared in their cute Polaroid campaign so it was no surprise to see him at the event. Yes folks, his hair is incredible. Could Schwartzman be the new Tom Selleck? Think about it.

Scott Sternberg presented a cohesive California Dreamin' collection coupled with Sperry footwear and adorable rolled trousers fit for an afternoon sail. Overall it felt like Malibu Barbie circa 1977 grabbed a sewing machine and went to town (in a good way). I snapped a few shots while trying my best to get little blogger super star Tavi in the frame. Wow, cute overload.

Have a look at the complete collection on style.com. What cha think?