Simple Lines

When it comes to dresses, I keep it pretty simple. Which is why I like the Montreal collection, LnE. With weddings and work functions around every corner the local line offers up some sophistication and keeps it classy. I'm personally coveting the black onesie. Super cute, isn't it? Since LnE is designed by the people behind the boutique Lola & Emily, I might have to swing by this afternoon and try it on... you know, just to see. 


Dream Sequins said...

Those looks like nice swingy basics for summer! I need to back away from the sack dresses, however, as I keep getting congratulations for babytime. And I'm definitely NOT preggers.

Reanna said...

Tell me about it! I love the sack dresses and have at least 8755 in my closet. But I got to say I am tried of being asked, "when are you due?". Ekkk!