Happy Weekend

Throw your hands up! Time to celebrate... On my way to Toronto to hit up the National Magazine Awards. I'm up for a few nominations so let's see if I win something. Fingers are crossed! Hope you all have a super wicked weekend. xo

[Image via photographyis]


Denise @ Swelle said...

Ooh, how exciting! Congratulations! Either way, we know you're awesome! xxx

Craille said...

In fact, Reanna won best art direction. As Karl would say, it's fabu, bitches.

Lilith said...

oh wow. i hope you win something!
*fingers crossed*

I was tagged and now I tag you to post seven things that you love.

Reanna said...

I WON! For Best Art Direction! For reals! I am so excited I could burst. Wowowowowowowwwwoooooo.

Thanks guys for your support. Okay, drinks are on me.

Steven said...

congrats on the win.
that's a huge honor.