Paper Cut

I felt like I needed a little fine arts fix today. I can't remember how I first discovered these hand-cut paper sculptures by Noriko Ambe, but they have always resonated with me. It's probably because they remind me of the giant honeycombs my grandfather used to make me when I was a child. Ambe's series are incredibly intricate and tactile. Typically her work is created by carving through stacks of white calligraphic paper with an X-Acto blade. But for some projects she whittles books and magazines into topographic sculptures. Talk about mad knife skills. Ambe seriously makes Edward Scissorhands look like a wimp. All I can say is... simply stunning.


Anonymous said...

Im on holidays in Metz France and have just now got access to a computer to catch up on your blog. It is good to see your daily picks again.Very inspiring Mary