Sarah Bridgland

I just had a strong cup of coffee and you know what that means... high kicks and enthusiasm galore. No need for a caffeine fix to get excited about Sarah Bridgland's work. Holy smokes, this is cool beans. Her works combines my love for vintage, collage, miniatures and crafty tactile illustration. Plus it has a hint of Russian Constructivism which satisfies my Eastern Euro side. When fabricating her intricate paper creations, Bridgland combines junk shops finds with printed media resulting in a playful narrative. I just love it and I'm happy to have recently discovered her. Makes me wonder how I can work with her on an editorial project... wheels are turning in my head! Tick tock y'all. 


Tanya said...

super cute. i like all the type piled in a tiny box. neat-o.

Adhawk said...

HOLY SHIT. This is cool squared.