White Trash

I have a confession to make. Often at the end of the day I get really lazy and throw my clothes on the floor. Yes there is a big ol' messy pile of dirty clothes in my bedroom at all times. But now I can safely say it's fashionable to wear trashy dirty clothes. We can all let out a collective sign of relief. Ahhh.... Thank you Aurel Schmidt for creating these amazing T-shirts. Now I can wear cigarette butts and half eaten donuts with pride. Remember those awesome tuxedo and the bikini body T-shrits you can pick up at any tacky souvenir shop? I'd say these are the updated version except you won't find them anywhere except the ever chic Opening Ceremony.


O-Check Me Out

All aboard for awesome town – the land where even the stationery is wicked cute like the Korean designed O-Check notebooks, pencils, stamps and other paper treasures. I found a gaggle of O-Check products in an adorable store close to the Prahran Market yesterday. Jackpot! Somehow they're enticing me to send a message in a bottle and spend the day writing dreamy postcards to my peeps back home. What is it about fancy pants stationery that makes me so damn happy?



I love this image. It's cuteness squared. Today, the photo of the day is dedicated to the lovely and brave ladies who just took the plunge into fun-employment land (and to the others who did it before – you know who you are). Believe me, it only gets better. Onwards and upwards.... Cheers to your first week of Operation Make Things Pretty.



Night Swimming

Here's a little Flickr Friday from Oz's Cool Hand Luke Byrne. Loving the punches of turquoise throughout his photos... Now than I am firmly embedded in Melbourne, I'm already missing the beach and roar of the ocean. I think I'm part fish. It's completely possible.


Five o'clock Shadow

That's not a beard. This is a beard. Laith McGregor works with a Bic pen to create some seriously imaginative facial hair drawings. If I had a beard (and I'm glad I don't) I would also want it to be a giant diamond. Then I would be rich and could afford laser hair removal.

PS Check out Laith's work at the Sullivan+Strumpf gallery (Paddington, NSW) from March 30th to April 18th. I encourage you to see it in real life, just make sure to sport a moustache.


Alpha Dogs

I am officially infatuated with siblings Alex and Georgie Cleary of Alpha60. Mostly because I want to wear their giant iconic face T-shirts all day long. Yeah, everyone is doing it. But somehow the Melbourne version is far cooler. Whether it's a young River Phoenix, a screaming Drew Barrymore or a bug eyed Jean-Luc Godard it just works. I recently picked up a kooky tee of the scandalous Marchesa Luisa Casati. Ah yes, I love the Euro eccentrics. I'll wear it proudly.

The line may it's roots in T-shirt design, but their minimal stores are also filled with simple, oversized androgynous clothing – very Tilda Swinton chic. So what's new? Word on the street Team Brother and Sister just created a pretty radical t-shirt for the Australian Ballet depicting a dapper business man in a tutu. Sweet. I love these behind the scenes photos of the duo making magic happen in their Fitzroy studio. Creativity is everywhere. Yeah for Melbourne!


Mixed Business: Part 1

The daily routine has changed. And it goes a little like this: Birds start to sing. Wow, they are really loud. Is that Toucan Sam? Fruit Loops! Get up. Make coffee. Put on sunscreen. Hop to the beach. Walk. Take photos. Go to Gertrude & Alice for another cappuccino. Watch surfers. Ponder the wonders of a 6 pack vs an 8 pack (and if that is even possible). Feel sleepy. Mmm... BBQ. Have a glass of wine. Make that 4 glasses. Laugh. Talk to interesting people. High fives. Sleep. Wake-up. Repeat.

Oi Oi Oi. Been in Australia for a while now so I thought I should share a few snap shots of what's up down under. If anyone knows me they know I love a few things like the beach, mango and sweet chillies, sushi, being warm all the time and the ocean. Turns out this place has it all rolled into one hot package. Um Canada... sorry, but I am cheating on you and I kinda like it.


A Still Life

I've never seen so many beautiful birds as I have here in Australia. Just yesterday I nearly got a buzz cut from a white cockatoo zipping past my head. As much as I need a haircut, I'm not convinced this one would be right for me unless I was into psycho chic. And every morning I wake to a chorus of chirping – no alarm clock needed.

Birds are everywhere which is why I was drawn to Marian Drew's painterly photographs. Mixing European still life with lifeless birds native to this area, Marian's intentions are for us to question our relationship to wild animals and our urban environments. Sad but beautiful. Mindful and soft.


Young Gun

Hi, I am a loser. That is is how I felt after I found out Matt Caplin is 19 and shooting photography like a bloody boy genius. WTF? Does this country only produce GI Joe creative forces? Yeah, of course this young gun is based in Melbourne. Have a boo at his Flickr here. It's all incredible. Kids these days... wow.



Everyday I say, "OMFG" at least 10 times. It's like I have Gossip Girl Syndrome. I can't help it. I wish I could have this incredible neon sign created by Melbourne artist Adam Cruickshank's hanging in my living room. It's so rad. And he's like so Ohmygod good. Check it out.


You're Something Else

This is a typical day: the mornings are spent on the beach and the afternoons shopping. Which gives me just enough time to discover new obsessions like Something Else's crazy-ass oversized tees and tanks. I found the motherload at a great Sydney shop called Incu. If I could marry a boutique, I would propose tomorrow. I la-la-love you.


You Would Love This

I love this. And you will too. Bec Worth is an Australian graphic designer churning out some pretty fun stuff. I am a sucker for balloons so her work naturally caught my eye. She has a cool tumblr site too with loads of photos worth checking out. Inspiration is everywhere! Okay, time to head back to the beach my flip flops are calling to me.