Seeing Red

I've been looking for a bust of colour to add to my already exclusive black and grey wardrobe. Sure it's spring and you can't resist to wear a pale and soft palette, but I think there is nothing better than a pop of red. Plus it's an all year round classic so you can't go wrong unless you sport head-to-toe crimson (only appropriate for Santa Claus). Tights, a cute purse, the perfect red shoe or lip... a little goes a long way.

01 Top Shop Red Rio Rio Lipstick
02 Marc Jacobs Heart Compact
03 United Bamboo sandals
04 Cos Red Shorts (mens)
05 APC Red Trench Coat
06 Steven Alan Bodega Clutch


Anonymous said...

I do love the color RED.. It makes me feel sexy!


Sarah said...

RED ALERT! I love the "Navajo" clutch.