Hello, Gorgeous

You'd think a flight to Paris would bring you closer to Theurel & Thomas patisseries. Instead you'll need to visit south of the boarder for a taste. Nestled in Mexico's most affluent suburb exists the most beautiful of all macaron shops (sorry LadurĂ©e). So beautiful that their macarons might be too pretty to eat. Could this be a new diet – The Too Pretty To Eat Diet? I'm on board. But first I should take the first flight to San Pedro Garza Garcia and have a bite (or two, or five or ten). Call it research.

+ Interior design and branding by Anagrama. Their site is full of goodies worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

When you book your ticket to Mexico Reanna, see if you can make a reservation for me too, I love mexico and by the looks of these fabulous macaroons, I might like Mexico a bit more than before. I just love macaroons!!!


Sarah said...

Wow. These kick Lauduree to the curb.

Adhawk said...

Milles milliards de milles sabords! I wish I had made this macaron store!