Too Good

Print is a beautiful medium. But there are days when I love to work in three-dimentional spaces. I recently stumbled upon the fabulous London based studio Toogood – a talented team conceptualizing and creating lush environments for clients like Tom Dixon, Comme des Garçons and Vogue. It's the right amount of detail, pop of colour and imagination making their spaces incredible. It's not too good. It's just good. Period.

Also check out their inspiration shelf – a collection of handsome imagery.


p said...

rad rad rad

Denise @ Swelle said...

Where am I? What is this...am I lost?

Ha, me so funny. Nice new look, babe!

I took at look at the portfolios. Dreamy upon dreamy. I love the suitcases. If I win the lottery (not much chance of that as I don't buy tickets) I would hire their staff to come to my house once a week and make up a new room. That's pretty tempting...I'll at least buy a scratch ticket tomorrow and work up from there...

Reanna said...

Oh yeah Denise! I'm all fancy now with a new look!

Isn't Too Good radical? I want them to hire me. Now.


Adhawk said...

sick...amazing colours