The Great Escape

The countdown to Australia begins. Yeah, I should be there already but I got caught in an Olympic flurry. What can I say? It's not everyday your hometown hosts the world despite the fact that it has caused a 30 minute line up at Japa Dog (Ice Cube has eaten there 9 times people. It's that deeelicious and worth the wait). I love the excitement, but I had to escape the city's craziness. So in honour of Bruce Dickinson I ran to the hills. Ran for my life. And ran right to the beach. Nothing says Iron Maiden like the beach. Am I right?

I have a new motto: say yes to everything. And I am saying yes to surfing. Yes yes yes! So where does a west coast girl go for the waves? Tofino. I'd like to remind you all that it's February in Canada and I am about to willingly jump into an orca infested ocean. I figured this is perfect prep for my Australian trip but I have to be honest, I am better suited watching surfers then actually surfing. The song Wipe Out has new meaning to me. But just check out how excited I am to even try. Now that's happiness. Whoop!


Anonymous said...

The weather looks more like June than February! You have captured the essence of surfing in your great photos Reanna.. You look very very excited sitting in the sun on the beach. Your soooo lucky. Can't wait to see what happens in OZ!!


Sarah said...

I wish I was there too. It's freezing cold out east and I am dreaming of the beach!

Pam Anne Kenny said...

duuuude love that first photo. i miss ocean.

annelise said...

love, love, lovely. i miss the west coast & my days at that exact beach. beauts.

Reanna said...

Annelise! Tell us about your near miss with the hungry orca when you were surfing! We want to know.

Thanks Pam for your comments. The ocean is where it's at. Sending you some salt air... ahhh!

Sarah! But you life in NYC! Lucky girl. I'll take that over the beach.

Mary... Just wait for OZ. Oh so sooooon!

Anonymous said...

yo gemini, you better get off my home turf!!! wipe out indeed!!

locals only .....

xoxox just kidding


Reanna said...

Haha! If you and I were in a mud wrestling rink, I'd put my money on your hard core Tofino ass! I might have NVL roots (north van locals), but you Island girls have pipes!

I kept expecting to see your dad on his longboard or Scammer running the beach!

PS Let's go back in this summer.