I Want My MTV

Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts! I could help but squeal when I heard the darling Alexa Chung is lending a fashion savvy hand to J. Crew's companion line, Madewell. Finally. The fall 2010 presentation was held last Monday at the Bowery Hotel. Perhaps you were lucky enough to check it out and rub elbows with Pixie Geldof and Tennessee Thomas? I'm loving the tiny shorts and pleated dresses. Not to mention the brave use of socks AND sandals. Scandalous. It's all super cute, super retro and relaxed. Let's shop online, shall we?

+ spotted on Refinery 29. Thanks for the scoop, kids.



I like shorts.
I like Alexa Chung.
Expecting I might even like Madewell.

Sarah said...

I managed to see the show and it's really cute. It's like shopping from Alexa's closet. You're right, it IS super cute.

Apt. #34 said...

mmm, fabulous! I love! I'm so jealous of all the new yorkers with direct access to Madwell!