Hey Boy. Hey Girl.

I've always been a fan of both Filippa K and pink pants. For spring, this magic combo is together at last. I'd like to meet the man bold enough to wear pink pants and I might ask him to marry me; although, I'm not sure we're playing for the same team. I digress... so Filippa K generally produces a beautiful fashion film to accompany their collection. I'm still waiting for their spring installment, but you can check out what they've done in the past here (awake) and here (mojave desert). Reanna Time hearts.


daviel said...

ok ok

i need to talk to you soon soon and i miss you crazy. that's why i'm going to send you an email asap. in the meantime, i looove your blog lady, and especially this beautiful collection of good fashions.

oh, and you need to listen to 'All the Saints' by Class Actress: http://www.myspace.com/elizabethharper

Mary said...

Great styes. They look so comfy!!