Locals Only

It's raining out. I haven't seen the sun in 3 days, but it's a balmy 12˚c and I don't need a winter coat. Hallelujah. I think all the rain here fuels Vancouver with some sort of magical magazine mojo. Amongst the regulars like Hobo and The Block, I picked up two newish publications while walking around the city. It makes me happy to see home grown creatively reminiscent of my old butter magazine years. Go team west coast. Make it work.

It's free. Uncoated stock. Lovely design. Local heros.
About: conversations with creative, inspiring people.

You buy it. If Fantastic Man met Monocle in Coal Harbour we'd get Inventory. Handsome and clean design.
About: product, craft and culture.

Let's leave the city for a bit. Hop on the magazine bus to have a boo at Linefeed's international reading list for December/January. Maybe you'll discover a new favourite like me. I got to say Fire & Knives looks amazing. And who knows, maybe next month we'll see a Vancouver special.


Anonymous said...

Being an old BUTTER fan from years gone past, a magazine I miss getting my hands on to read and view the clean and smooth pages within ... I see some of that style and layout within some of the magazines you have on your blog today, nice work! It is very interesting and surprising to see that Vincent Price the old King of the HORROR flicks had such a passion for cooking way back when. I think I will get out there and buy that book Fire and Knives it looks like a great read.


Reanna said...

PS. You should also check out SAD magazine. You can have a look online: http://www.sadmag.ca/download-sad-mag/

annelise said...

creativity is running wild in the west! i love it! bring some back. please.

Make it Easy said...

thet inventory mag definatley looks like monocle!