Leather & Lace

I am a big fan of Natalia Brilli's buttery leather covered objects. I was first introduced to her accessories awhile go when working on a fashion editorial with the super talented Rad. We had a few of her pieces on set and I might have drooled on one of them.

I think everyone should own a black leather skateboard. I'm not even kidding. But for me, it's all about the drum set. I takes The Muppet Show's Animal to the next level. Natalia also makes incredible handbags with the contents of the bag cleverly embossed in the leather (think sunglasses, coins and credit cards). I can't wait to see what's next for the Belgian designer.

PS You can have a boo at the photo shoot on Natalia's website – just check the 2009 press portion et volia. We're right next to my peeps at The Block magazine. Word up!


Dream Sequins said...

I discovered her accidentally while shopping at a store in Miami-- they carried a bunch of these dark designer items on Lincoln Road... so funny. I was stroking the leather on those purses and let me tell you- they were BUTTER. And the price wasn't too bad considering the quality.

Reanna said...

Butta Butta! Her work is really awesome, hey? We had the cool leather covered watch on set. Very dark, but also very cool.