Heart Attack

I'm feeling a tad sentimental. Perhaps it's because I'm in my hometown surrounded by family and friends who are dear to me. It's one big love-in filled with endless Champagne, late night dancing, salt air and generous hearts. Awe sucks, I am getting all soft in my old age. Here's a shout out to all the supportive amazing peeps near and far (you know who you are). So today, why not blow some kisses just for fun. Go ahead and try. And if you want a little more l'amour, check out these four blogs sure to bring back that loving feeling:

A submission based blog dedicated to love. Sigh...

See if you can spot my letter? This website makes you instantly feel like slow dancing at the tender age of 16.

Show me your heart. Photos from readers wanting to share the love.

Stephen Powers' larger than life gift to Philadelphia as seen through 50 beautiful love letter murals.

PHOTOS VIA: weheartit, reannatime, circlingskies, israblog


seesaw designs said...

hooray for love. sweet post.


Sarah said...

love is all around. blowing back a kiss you you.