Cut and Paste

. . . .

Remember the TV show, Reading Rainbow? Sure you do! Consider this blog post my homage to LeVar Burton and public television. We got a bunch of incredible books in our studio the other day. JACKPOT! So I spent the weekend checking out Cutting Edges, the contemporary collage. So. Much. Good. Stuff.  Like Valerie Roybal's  found paper art and Alejandra Villasmil's insanely crazy/cool portraits. Suddenly I have the urge to cut, paste and decoupage. Did someone say craft project? PS how much do we love the cover of this book? Diamonds and triangles! YES! 

ART HISTORY So yeah about collage. Back in the day, art movements like Dada, Constructivism and Surrealism really embraced the technique. But get this, word on the street is collage has been around since the invention of paper in China around 200 BC. Yup, it's that old. But the term collage, which is rooted in the french word for glue (aka colle), was first coined by Picasso and Braque in the 20th century. So there you go. Coles Notes. 


Anonymous said...

Where do you find this stuff Reanna it's great !


Ally Ann said...

I am in love with that book cover! Absolutely in love.

Reanna said...

I know, right? The book cover is awesome. And it's totally full of radness.