Disco Disco

. . . .

Can we just for a second give a shout out to Bianca Jagger and her radical style? No one can rock a white YSL tuxedo like she can. For sure the topic of Bianca's style has been written about, blogged and re-blogged a million times, but being a child of the 70's it's close to my heart. You see, when I was born I narrowly missed the chance to be named after this Disco Disco icon. It wasn't until I was much older that I realized how incredibly cool Bianca is. I remember my first vinyl was the Rolling Stone's Tattoo You and not quite getting it because I was still rocking to Raffi. You know, sometimes it takes a little time to appreciate the impossible cool. Big ups for Studio 54 vibes and soft androgyny. 

PS Totally going to ride on a horse into my next birthday bash à la Bianca styles. EPIC! 


The Yeti said...

What an awesome post. I've been a fan of Bianca since I learned the meaning of "cool."

Reanna said...

She is pretty radical. I'm a fan.