Out of Respect

The simple pleasure of tipping your hat to the great things that came before.

The second issue of L magazine is out. And I couldn't be happier. Perhaps it's the fancy gold cover blinding me with joy. There is no better way to pay homage than fill an issue with impersonators, a tribute to basketball bad ass Ron Artest and local heros with photos of their heros. It's like a house of mirrors inside a bigger house of mirrors. It's like a tribute to the homage. Thanks to everyone who contributed. You're all so awesome and talented. Let's do it again! xo

CONTRIBUTORS Kathryn Borel Jr, Chirs Buck, Jorge Camarotti, Alexandre De Brabant, Simon Duhamel, Markus & Indrani, Evaan Kheraj, Land of Visions, Shayne Laverdiere, Sarah Steinberg, Isa Tousignant and Erin Jarrett Weiss

WHAT L Magazine / WHERE at all Locale stores across Canada / WEB localeshoes.com


Lauraf said...

woot woot!
so hawt!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Reanna Bravo you have another winner on your hands, Well done to you and everyone that worked on the magazine with you. I just love it.