Beachy Head

"I'm going back to the west coast. I wish you would put yourself in my suitcase."

I can't stop humming Coconut Records ever since I've been all about island time west coast styles. Last week I was hanging out in Tofino and Nanoose Bay sporting my Cowichan sweater, eating g-ma's homemade bread and the freshest salmon sashimi in the world. Heaven. Here's a few choice picks from my B.C. adventure. xo


Anonymous said...

All I can say is " I see why you love the West Coast Reanna" The West Coast is the BEST coast! Great memories in these pics. I love them a lot!!


annelise said...

fun times & lovely pix! can't wait to get back to the best coast... it's been waaaaay too long.

Lauraf said...

Loving this Pics Reanna! did you take them?


now Following reannatime : )


Reanna said...

Yeaaah Laura! Blogin' it. Yup, those are my photos. I somehow managed to snap a few in between takes.

Lauraf said...

soooo nice!!!
I need to know what kind of camera you are using! ; )