Keep Calm and Stay Warm

While last Sunday was spent on the beach, this Sunday was filled with ice and snow.

It was a friend's birthday and I brought along my point-and-shoot camera to make a little movie of our wintery balloon walk. We have some pretty hilarious footage of us skating, but it's not nearly as cute. Turns out I kinda suck at skating. So much so that 3 year olds were pirouetting around me. Show-offs. It was actually my first time skating outdoors. And it was lovely.

Three ways to keep warm on a blustery winter day
1. Spike coffee with Baileys
2. Bring colourful balloons to warm your heart
3. Skate like Tonya Harding is chasing you with a crowbar


Anonymous said...

Great video Reanna. I can't believe you never skated out doors before now! Well what the hell.. one more small item off of the bucket list. I don't know how you can make the cold look so inviting? A fun blog.