Eat Your Cake

Um, yum! These intense "vintage wallpaper cakes" look like they were made by June Cleaver on crack or by the hands of some kind of sugar, butter and flour genius.

For artist Amy Stevens turing 30 meant baking 30 cakes... one glorious mound of sugary icing for each year. So what's the story behind these awesome pastry creations? Amy's Confections series is a comment on the idealism of contemporary life (à la Martha Stewart slash white picket fence syndrome). Apparently she doesn't eat all the cakes or she'll need to invest in some elastic waist pants. But if it was me, I would gladly eat every last bite.

Pick up a print on 20x200. Mmm delicious.


Anonymous said...

Let them eat cake... and me too!!


Madeleine said...

Stunning visuals!