Nautical by Nature

Ahoy, matey!
Check out these rad posters from the German sailing festival, Kieler Woche. Arrr, those be lo'ely works o' art Aye, me parrot concurs (said in Pirate speak).

Each year 5 designers are invited to submit their graphic interpretation of sailing & culture. The only criteria is the text must be limited to the festival's title and the year. It's no surprise to see graphic design superstars like Hort, Melchior Imboden, Wim Crouwel, Anton Stankowsk and Michael Engelmann have all contributed. Yar. It's regatta time! Check out more here.


Anonymous said...

These must remind you of the days you sailed around the Gulf Islands in BC with your family Reanna. Those were some fun days. Wind and sun on your face , with the sails full and the only sound was the water running under the boat. Good times!