The Challengers

Personally I'm not giving up on galaxy collages or orderly photos of the contents of my bag. But if I see another graphic designer holding up a poster I might scream. You know what I'm talking about. Design trends. To follow or not to follow? This is the question asked by the team behind, This Year I Will Try Not To, a cheeky newspaper challenging current design clich├ęs. I can only imagine how interesting an exercise it would have been to identify all the visual tricks designers are collectively exploring these days. What a fun idea.

This year I will break the rules and make a newspaper about it while typesetting my findings in placard condensed – certainly not in helvetica. Dang, that has already been done.
Originally spotted on magCulture, an excellent course for all things magazine.


Ben J Hamilton said...

Ah the hold 'designer holding up poster' trend. Just makes me wanna bend their dainty little fingers back . . grrr

Reanna said...

Ben, I couldn't agree more!