Back to the Future


This is the animated gif that keep on giving. Over the weekend I discovered a few a-a-a-mazing animations on a super fun blog called Vander Yacht (check it out to see more). I love that they are made from vintage photos. I guess this is what happens when kids today get ahold of photos from yesteryear. I doubt very much Marty McFly would have predicted this kind of mash-up. Sure, we don't have hoverboards, but we have crazy banana animated gifs. Isn't 2010 fun? I want to do this to all my old polaroids.


burntparfait said...

i must ask: how were you able to post this on your blog? I'd love to share these delightful treasures on mine, yet I'm technologically inept!

Reanna said...

It's all about Photobucket!