Easy Like Sunday Morning

I don't always have time to take photos for fun, but I'd like to start a new post, Easy Like Sunday Morning – a collection of slow Sundays starting with today. I was inspired by my awesome dog Mick after spending the morning with him at the park, camera in tote. Turns out he's a natural model and the champion of taking it easy. So I snapped a few photos of Mickers along with random events throughout the day. Here's the result... keeping it simple, as all Sundays should be.

Mick looking dapper at the park, a marching band practices on St. Viateur, morning stormy skies, breakfast fixings, the nails match the berry, smoothie time, a lazy sunday start with books and magazines, handsome Mick poses for the camera.


Sarah said...

Sundays are the best! Mick is a real cutie pie.

Anonymous said...

Great idea for your blog Reanna... Mick is soooo cute!! The nails are fabulous. It looks like your Sunday was a beautiful day for taking pictures and relaxing.


You Are My Fave said...

I wish I lived close to you so you could make me breakfast. It always looks so good.

Reanna said...

When I take my act on the road, my first stop will be your city. Eggs on the run!

RAINA KIRN!!! said...

You are such a great photographer miss R! And that Mick, he just kills me!

See Hear Say said...

i'm liking the new sunday post!! and mick is such a cutie! look fwd to seeing more sundays :)