Chillin' Like a Villain

This is a combo of easy breezy Sundays. To start the day off right, Adrian and I made our own version of the most delicious yet sinful egg McMiffin followed by a day on îles Ste-Hélène working off its cheesy goodness. We explored the Biodome, checked out wandering moose, dipped in refreshing pools and riffled through vintage Interview magazines. Perfection.

I've got to say, my favorite photo is the one of Mick doing his best Arnold Swartzenager impression (aka Terminator Pug). He's so cool AND he's packing heat. Chillin' like a villain.


Chaucee said...

Love love that plate, but definitely the Terminator picture is my favorite :D

Anonymous said...

Great subject matter Reanna ... great looking breakfast sandwich and coffee break plate , Mick looks too cool ... and your antlers are fantastic... what more can I say?? Love'n it..


Jessica said...

hey, your from montreal too :)
You take beautiful pictures !

See Hear Say said...

i'm in love with mick since the first time i saw your submission on how's your weekend!!!

Reanna said...

Thanks Chaucee and Mary :)

Hi Jessica! Goooooo Montreal! Love your photos too!

Laura, Mick says hi. He's super flattered.