Magazine Magazine

I'm diggin' Magazine #54 art directed by Andrew Woodhead, an Australian working in Paris. Of course he's from Melbourne... can the city do no wrong? Nice type. Clean design. C'est bon. I'd love to get my hands on an issue, but for now I am admiring it from my MacBook.

Also check out Andrew's newest handiwork: Double, Ten days in Havana by Juergen Teller. It's possibly better than a minty mojito.


Denise @ Swelle said...

That's an interesting juxtaposition of the (live) dogs, the fruit, and I can't figure out just what the other one is but some kind of animal prepared for eatin'! Pet or food? I was in a Vietnamese restaurant once and they made a big production of saying 'no cat no more! no cat!' I wasn't very hungry after thinking of all the times I'd eaten there!

Reanna said...

It's super edgy, hey? I like the narrow format too.

Um yeah, no cats! no cats! Really? Oh geeeze! And I love pho soup... dang.

Dallas Shaw said...

looks interesting