Tree Hugger

I just got back from Vancouver and not a hippie in sight. I was however inspired by the trees. Oh those beautiful green trees... I still maintain that Montreal is more "World Beat" than Vancouver. Exhibit A: The Tam-Tams, but I digress. While hiding from the rain – make that November rain – I ducked into local book store to recharge my design batteries. I must have read a zillion magazines and if memory serves me right, I came across the Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee while flipping through Corduroy magazine. At least I think it was Corduroy (it's a sweet magazine if you don't already know about it).

Got to say, Myoung is one talented photographer. He creates these complex set-ups by suspending a giant backdrop against a single tree. It's hard to tell if it's a painting or a photo. All I know is it's beautiful. Peace bro.


Anonymous said...

Well lets see... you have a lot in your blog today! Tam Tam reminds me of Saturday on Salt Spring Island during the summer months. Myoung Ho Lee is very interesting to say the least." Save the trees. " He is very creative. I never looked at Corduroy before today though I have heard of it and find the contents nostalgic. Montreal says welcome back and Vancouver says I miss you, come again soon.


Sarah said...

save the trees! the first image is my fave.

welcome home.

Hee-hee, thank goodness tam tams is only once a week.

seesaw designs said...

those really are beautiful... wow! i love trees.

(also, so awesome that you art directed the chili con queso thing -- we LOVE it!)

Make it Easy said...

ahhh these are great!! framing life!