Heaven Can Wait

Here's a little Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck love via a new music video sure to entertain. Directed by Keith Schofield the video features all sorts of kooky characters including a pancake head man, a hot dog baby and some random guy dressed as SpongeBob Square Pants. Nuts! I've always loved Charlotte and can't wait to hear her new album, IRM. You can have a listen here and download some sweet tunes. Like what you hear?

+ This is dedicated to Mr. Daviel for sending me the link and making my day. Yes, this is better than Lady Gaga's new video. (via pitchfork).


Sarah said...

Now that is a hilarious video. What imagination they have. Love the song too. Have you heard her last album? It's really mellow.

daviel said...

this partially feels like my life. without, unfortunately, any pancake head man.

Reanna said...

Funny, it's like mine too... but I think I saw the pancake head man and ate him. Extra maple syrup.