JPop! Fun Times!

. . . .

When I was a kid I used to go to a crazy Japanese summer camp with kids from Tokyo who would send me box loads of gummy candies and Pocky. Nothing is more awesome than getting treats from abroad. Check out these radical gifts from Japan my dear friend from Caesar Pony picked up for me. They're so cooool. Thank you Emily! 

01 Loving my Torafu paper airvase in fluo pink. It's so beautiful when you pop it into a magical weblike creation. 02 Kamoi paper masking tape is my favorite. If I could, I would cover everything in this. Seriously. 03 This vintage Olive magazine from 1985 is editorial gold. Don't be surprised if suddenly my next project is inspired by this piece of 80's heaven. Jpop fun times!


Anonymous said...

Can you say Kikakoo? Ah-so Reannason very nice.


Ally Ann said...

bahha i love the magazine from just that one page.

Reanna said...

Oh man, Olive magazine is page after page of awesome. I want to post the whole issue up. You'd love it Ally Ann. For reals.