Sugar Eyes


I'm on a sugar detox. Yes, no sugar. It's hard to imagine since I have the world's biggest sweet tooth. So I guess you could say this is an ironic slash personal torture blog post. But if I can't eat it, I can always take photos of it, right?

I don't know if Texas is some wacky vortex of Candy's past, but I found all these crazy treats at the grocery store. I'm Canadian so maybe these are totally normal elsewhere? All I know is I love the packaging and the sweet sweet contents inside. Oh sugar sugar! Oh honey honey!


Ella said...

ahhh i am drooling! i've never heard of those rock candy crystals before...must try them :)

Reanna said...

Girl, you have no idea... sugar detox + candy photos = drooling x 100!

Anonymous said...

Well as the old saying goes " The first one is free" Don't look into the light and be blinded by your sugar addiction Reanna. This is a great blog of real cool packaging for the treats. I like it a lot. maybe for the wrong reasons... yum .. yum..!


Anonymous said...

Cool packages of candy. It's a blast from the past!