Postcards from Marfa | Part Uno

I want to be a cowboy. And you can be my cowgirl. Please tell me you remember this song by Boy's Don't Cry because it pretty much is the soundtrack for Marfa, Texas. 

From the lone Prada store to a field of trailers painted the colour of fruit punch, Marfa is magical. It's a desert town filled with pockets of amazing under a dusty rose hue. Sure the harsh environment aged me like a worn-in saddle but it was worth it. My heart belongs to Texas with a little piece left for Ty the last American cowboy. See mystery light y'all.

Marfa was the backdrop to the up-coming spring/summer Call It Spring campaign shot by superstar Susanna Howe along with a team of crazy talented high kickin' peeps. Check out more behind the scenes photos on our CIS Tumblr.


Anonymous said...

Hey Reanna ... where's McFly? Great place to take fantastic photos. Love it!


Annelise said...

I'm thinking El Cheapo and a teepee are ALL right! Sweet shots, lady!