Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Gentlemen's Quarterly meets the Gentlemen's Boutique.
ZZ Top knew what they were talking about. It's true. Don't let the hill billy beards fool you because with a clean shirt and new shoes... yes, every girl goes crazy for a sharp dressed man.

I recently spent an afternoon with four handsome devils – photographer and fashion blogger Tommy Ton, landscape artist Brook Klausing, Morgan Collett of Saturdays Surf and the dapper auctioneer Alexander Gilkes. Each carefully chosen to represent the effortless style of Mr. B's Gentlemen's Boutique – a new premium footwear collection from ALDO. Here's a few snaps from behind the scenes. You can check out the real deal Holyfield in the September issue of GQ to find out why a sharp dressed man should never wear white socks. And yes, gentlemen do prefer blondes.


Anonymous said...

Very nice photo shoot. I had to go out and buy the GQ mag to see the full story and pics. looks fantastic.