Taco Taco


Tulum = Amazing. I still remember my first trip to Mexico. I was 11 and bought a blue velvet sombrero and a lace La Isla Bonita dress to wear back home. I looked sharp. I also remember having strawberry daiquiris and the waiter saying, "Si, Si! No alcohol!" after downing two of them full of tequila. Oops. This time was no different. I spent lazy days swimming in stalactite filled cenotes and chilled with giant sea turtles. I watched kiteboarders show off (sporting mullet dreads. Hot.) and I ate some serious BBQ ribs worthy of The Flintstones at a lovely place called Hartwood. Check it out on The Selby. Isn't it dreamy?
FAVORITE MEAL Hartwood / BEST BEACH Playa Azul / AWESOME TACOS Hornitos Taco Stand on the side of the road. Eat with the locals.


Anonymous said...

Reanna your photos look amazing and show the area off so well that all I want to do is sell everything and move to Tulum and enjoy what you experienced indefinitely. Fantastic!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Reanna. Our meal at Hartwood was tasty, but the chef yelling at his staff in the open concept kitchen kind of ruined the perfect picture a bit for us.