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It's raining outside. And I'm not talking about a soft and calming pitter-patter but a full on monsoon. I swear the raindrops are the size of jujubes. It's the perfect evening for warm tea, homemade biscuits and catching up on my dearest blogs. I'd like to share my 3 favourite posts of the week sure to inspire. Spreading some link love ... enjoy and have a great weekend.

Check out the coolest visual cookbook from the geniuses at Ikea.
I am madly in love with this.

It's an animal kingdom on Oh Joy! Aren't these lamp critters amazing?
What a great find.

This is where I live: a lovely visual essay by Anabela.
(I am a sucker for Ukrainian nesting dolls).


Where's The Beef?

Cooking in the 1970's was more than just about tuna casseroles and fondu. Or was it? I recently found a pile of vintage cookbooks from the year I was born. This was the time when Star Wars was Jar Jar Binks free and Disco Inferno wasn't ironic. And food was full on full fat with a side of carbohydrates and garnished with red meat. Yup, a heart attack on a plate. Sounds great to me.

In the spirit of the 70's I thought it would be hilarious to host a dinner party based on these vintage recipes. My first attempt was to make Beef Bourguignon and boy was it good. So what does a classic beef stew made with a jug of wine taste like? Umm, delicious. I totally recommend it (check out a good recipe below).

I really got a kick out of all the cookbook's food photography. There was one in particular about old world cuisine with very entertaining photos of Eastern Euro grandmothers and farm animals. Goats and Babushkas all the way. And another with probably the most unappetizing meals I have even seen in print – shocking really. But somehow I know without the modern food styling, the dishes are delicious. And real. Cheers to the 70's and all it's home cooked charm.

Mmmm... yum-a-rama! Beef Bourguignon Juila Child's way (which was originally published in 1961. It's more Mad Men then That 70's Show).


Sister Sister


Cuteness square to the power of 10! Loving these awesome illustrations by Sister Planet. Enjoy.

Link Love: The sister's Flickr + Website.


Baby Got Back

Been enjoying the sensitive and sweet images of Swedish photographer Angelica Ström. 19 years old and already making magic happen. Impressive, isn't it.

+ Angelica Ström on Flickr.


Dream Waver

I am currently in the land of endless dreamcatchers which inspired me to find a few images on the interwebs while taking a few choice photos myself. Let's see what kind of dreams we capture today... sing it Gary Wright.
Images via: 1 2 3 4


Snap Shot


I just found these cute illustrations of cameras by Lauren Doughty. Pretty cute, hey? I'm also in love with her pug drawings and moustache cats. I have no idea why (wink). They're Mick approved. For more of her work, check out her blog and flickr page.

+ Spotted on Audrey Hepburn.


Creative Aggression


There is a magazine for everyone. Just discovered a magazine about the creative process entitled, Patterns of Creative Aggression (roar! grrrrr!). So far there are only 3 issues published and it's not nearly as violent as it sounds. Rather the layout is so fresh and so clean with articles about Jason Crombie of Wooooo Magazine, UK artist Graham Hudson and photos by Justin Guilbert. A lovely publication worth checking out.

Patterns of Creative Aggression is a magazine that presents the development of creative works and the people behind them. It aims to offer an insight into how works are formulated and constructed, people's work patterns, their methods of practice, the techniques utilized and explored.


Made with Love


Lately I've been working away on a bunch of creative projects and just today I received copies of a fashion magazine I produced over the summer. Call me crazy, but I love the smell of fresh ink on uncoated paper stock. It never gets old.

For the magazine's fashion editorial I was inspired by the timeless love of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Shot by the ever talented Richard Bernardin along with his awesome crew, we set off to recreate a little Je t'aime moi non plus. Here are my behind the scenes photos. But to see more of the magazine and the actual shoot, you'll just have run to the closest Locale store (Montreal, Toronto + Calgary) and pick up you're own copy. Get 'em while they're hot. Oh la la.

+ Check out Richard Bernardin's super sexy work here. It's pretty darn amazing. He makes my snap shots look like they were taken on a faulty disposable camera.


Hey Ladies

Based in Buenos Aires and breaking hearts, Pablo Franco's photography is all about the ladies. Proof that Argentinian asados (aka bbq) and cameras do mix. Where's the beef?

+ Check out mucho macho bikes and chicks on Franco's blog.