Computer Love

It's raining outside. And I'm not talking about a soft and calming pitter-patter but a full on monsoon. I swear the raindrops are the size of jujubes. It's the perfect evening for warm tea, homemade biscuits and catching up on my dearest blogs. I'd like to share my 3 favourite posts of the week sure to inspire. Spreading some link love ... enjoy and have a great weekend.

Check out the coolest visual cookbook from the geniuses at Ikea.
I am madly in love with this.

It's an animal kingdom on Oh Joy! Aren't these lamp critters amazing?
What a great find.

This is where I live: a lovely visual essay by Anabela.
(I am a sucker for Ukrainian nesting dolls).


seesaw said...

Thanks for the seesaw love.

aleks sennwald said...

The Ikea cookbook is absolutely amazing! I love those colors.