A Night of a Thousand Stevies

It's 1977. I was either going to be named Bianca after Mick Jagger's now ex-wife or Rhiannon after Fleetwood Mac. Apparently I wasn't exotic enough to be named after Bianca so Reanna it was. As the story goes, when you listen to the song Rhiannon it actually sounds like they are singing Reanna. Hence the different spelling of my name. So rock and roll played a big part in my up bringing and when I heard Fleetwood Mac was coming to Montreal, I had to go. I felt like channeling the 1970's and getting all Gold Dust Woman for the night. Could Stevie Nicks circa 1977 be any cooler? She's got top hats, tambourines, lacy shawls and the best sandpaper voice to make anyone want to yell, "Yes, it's cool to be a mystical gypsy goth!". But hell, why not take some Stevie inspiration when it comes to fashion now? I absolutely love the Australian clothing line Lover. Their 2008 line, Electric Ladyland is still one of my favorite seasons – it's relevant and it's a fresh update of Madame Nick's signature look. I'll for sure be sportin' billowy dresses this spring. A tambourine could double as a bracelet, right? Because thunder only happens when it's raining. Players only love you when they're playing.