Keep Calm

Been enjoying the simple and quiet photos of Daniel Freytag. I spent some time looking at his site when I discovered his series on Bondi Beach (one of my favorite places ever). Daniel also moonlights as a graphic designer and has some lovely work worth checking out. Have a peek here.


Moon Safari

Enjoying a little geometric action and moon scapes by graphic designer Sharon Laurilla. Also loving her gig posters which you can check out here and here. My favorites have to be her posters for The XX and LCD Soundsystem and Beach House. Marvelous!

Can't get enough and want more? Visit her on Tumblr / Flickr / Balance


Nautical by Nature

Ahoy, matey!
Check out these rad posters from the German sailing festival, Kieler Woche. Arrr, those be lo'ely works o' art Aye, me parrot concurs (said in Pirate speak).

Each year 5 designers are invited to submit their graphic interpretation of sailing & culture. The only criteria is the text must be limited to the festival's title and the year. It's no surprise to see graphic design superstars like Hort, Melchior Imboden, Wim Crouwel, Anton Stankowsk and Michael Engelmann have all contributed. Yar. It's regatta time! Check out more here.


Lui, Lui


Over the weekend I spent some time checking out few vintage magazines for inspiration. They just knew what was up back in the day. I was happy to rediscover the French publication Lui, le magazine de l'homme moderne. And I am completely in love with the magazine's super sexy and iconic covers. Here is a selection of my favorites all created around the 1970's. Sadly Lui is no longer it's former glory and stopped regular publication in 1987 but not before Madonna and Brigitte Bardot graced it's cover. C'est le vie.


Golden Filter

They call me mellow yellow.
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Off to La La Land. Bringing my camera to take pretty photos... and promise to bring back treats for Reanna Time.

+ image via Bitch, please.



Feeling inspired by Robert Garcia's colourful paintings. Based in San Francisco, his art is clearly influenced by Hispanic communities. Robert's first drawings were rooted in his neighbourhood's gang graffiti and letters from his incarcerated uncle – which is crazy since I find his work so optimistic. It's real art therapy. And it's beautiful.

Pick up a print on 20x200. Buy more art.


Oh So Coco

Loving these beautiful silk Forget Me Not scarves created by Coco, the international illustration superstar


November Rain

It's November. The sky is a dull grey. And i
n honor of this dark month, let's get cozy and flip through the latest issue of Grey Magazine. Yes, now would be a good time to listen to a little Guns N' Roses.

I first discovered this moody biannual in Melbourne while shopping at the epic Mag Nation (best magazine store EVER). Word on the street is the newest issue came out a few months ago, but I have yet to see it in my hood. Keeping my eyes open for it...

Hardcover / Italian / Biannual